How blogs die

I declare this blog (Blogistan Editorial) a failure! How liberating to say so. Plus, it died, so we can dissect it without causing any further pain to the organism.
My theory, it’s a dry eddy off the mighty Mississipppi that is Radio Free Blogistan. We have a whole community out there and we’re conspiring the editorial management of the blog in this dusty backroom that we don’t even check much because it’s usually boring and it has a stupid lock on it and we don’t always carry that key.
The good news is I have a proposed solution. I imagine most of the things raised on this blog if spoken about in public would have been acted on by now, or at least sooner (than the never many of these things have ended in). I have to lead but not with rules but by example.
For instance, there are five of us and five working days a week. I am going to claim Wednesday and that will be the day that I will guarantee there’s at least one new good link, ideally before 9 am on the east coast.
No one else has to claim a day, but if you think it would be fun, then go ahead and claim another day. It’s almost like being the “guest editor” of the paper one day a week.
I would like to import this blog into the main one and keep it as as category anyone can read. Before I do that, I’d like a consensus that that’s OK and I’d like to give everyone a chance to read through their posts and redact anything that they wouldn’t have put in the public had they been expecting the cloaking to come off some day.
I guess I’ll trackback to this entry to form a weak link until we resolve this stagnant pool of an editorial backwater.






3 responses to “How blogs die”

  1. liza Avatar

    I love the idea of claiming days. I absolutely feel excited about adding this blog to RFB. Then I can think out loud from my end of the continent as opposed to having to ‘write’.
    I claim Fridays. That’s my day for “off” kidlets and on for working.

  2. filchyboy Avatar

    I also don’t see the point in having it. Consider me down for Tuesday. What happened to that redesign Liza?

  3. xian Avatar

    Isn’t Liza waiting on some feedback? After I import this blog as a category, I will do a summary of unfinished bidness.