In this corner Yahoo and RSS, and this corner Google and Atom

· The Power of Many

Steve Rubel’s Micropersuasion weblog is bursting with great insights into blogs, public relations, and the way conversations are changing marketing online. I find that in the first year or so of a new blog from an insightful weblogger like Steve you get a lot of great thinking about the medium itself.
Old burnouts like myself start to find the medium itself a little boring to talk about for a while, so the fresh infusion of new blood and new perspectives is always more than welcome.
Today one of Steve’s posts caught my eye in my news aggregrator (NetNewsWire), because he foresees a conflict that Dave Winer explicitly warned about when Atom began forking from RSS (Yahoo’s Love for RSS Will Turns Google into Unbeloved Portal):

Interesting perspective from a European analyst, who believes that Yahoo’s embrace of RSS will have Google morph into a portal. What the writer omits, but you can already see it coming, is that Google will try to use its weight to build momentum around Atom as a competing standard to RSS.