In this corner Yahoo and RSS, and this corner Google and Atom

Steve Rubel’s Micropersuasion weblog is bursting with great insights into blogs, public relations, and the way conversations are changing marketing online. I find that in the first year or so of a new blog from an insightful weblogger like Steve you get a lot of great thinking about the medium itself.
Old burnouts like myself start to find the medium itself a little boring to talk about for a while, so the fresh infusion of new blood and new perspectives is always more than welcome.
Today one of Steve’s posts caught my eye in my news aggregrator (NetNewsWire), because he foresees a conflict that Dave Winer explicitly warned about when Atom began forking from RSS (Yahoo’s Love for RSS Will Turns Google into Unbeloved Portal):

Interesting perspective from a European analyst, who believes that Yahoo’s embrace of RSS will have Google morph into a portal. What the writer omits, but you can already see it coming, is that Google will try to use its weight to build momentum around Atom as a competing standard to RSS.






2 responses to “In this corner Yahoo and RSS, and this corner Google and Atom”

  1. Kathleen Gilroy Avatar
    Kathleen Gilroy

    where is the rss feed for this blog?

  2. xian Avatar

    Good question! It’s linked from the blog’s home page but not from the site’s main home page (and it should be). I’ll be sure to add it.
    (Meanwhile, the link from my handle above, xian, is the RSS feed if you want to grab it from there.)