Is Wolcott on a roll or what?

Wow. James Wolcott nails the hypocrisy of upper-class journalists trying to fit in with the jes’ folks phonies:

Howling Wolf: “Democrats like Gore and Kerry have to weigh and calibrate their every move because one ill-chosen word or phrase or gesture will be tattooed across their fore[head] by the media’s trained monkeys. I mean, Kerry will have to be very careful how he introduces Christopher Reeve’s name into the stem-cell argument because the press will be waiting to pounce on any sign of emotional opportunism on his part. Whereas Bush can continue to talk slop and get a free pass, just as Reagan did whenever he tipped his head to the side and sawdust leaked out of his ear. I was naive enough to think that Bush’s tantrum the other night at the townhall debate would get at least half of the coverage and mockery that Howard Dean’s infamous scream received, which was foolish of me. Our great editors and pundits have apparently decided to avert their eyes from a rageaholic president with presenile dementia who needs to have answers fed to him from a boxy receiver because – well, at least he’s not conceited.”