Billmon explains the swiftboating of Kos

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I know the seven or eight readers of this site are not blog junkies and may not have been following the recent campaign against Markos Moulitsas Zúniga and his “minions” for… well, it’s confusing, but for an excellent summary slash analysis see Billmon’s The Swiftboating of Kos in his venerable Whiskey Bar.
(Note: Even Atrios seems to miss the Python-tribute humor in the first few paragraphs.)
(Note Note: Disclaimer: I worked briefly for Kos and Jerome’s now-defunct political consulting firm Armstrong Zúniga back in the traumatic election year of ought-four.)

Alternate Reality #666

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Pertaining to nothing, ran into an article talking about the use of “666” in the marketing for The Omen remake, and it featured the following quote:

“Normally, a marketer is going to be very, very wary about using the devil,” said Robert Thompson, professor of television at Syracuse University in New York state.
“But 666 has really emerged in the popular culture as a funny thing you bring up when you’re talking about a kid misbehaving on the playground, you say ‘I bet this one has a 666 on his scalp’,” he said.

And I’ll grant that 666 is a very funny funny thing to bring up, in almost any situation. But that scalp comment — is that really a thing people say?
Adult 1: “Let me part that kid’s hair — I gotta check. He’s a 666-on-his-scalp kind of a kid. Yes, his head-skin almost certainly bears the mark of satan!”
Adult 2: “Ha ha ha! You are so right. About his scalp and its devil-mark!”
Adult 1: “Let’s go burn a goat!”
I dunno.
Mebbe it’s an east coast thing.

Rolling Stone Rolls W.

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Was the whole reason George Sr. and company wanted George Jr. to become president just to make Sr.’s adminstration look competent by comparison? Well, on that score at least, mission accomplished. Now Rolling Stone (credit where due, I first saw this mentioned on our beloved dailykos) weighs in on the possibility that W. may be judged by historians as our worst. president. ever.

Whose Eyebrows?

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Drudge is linking to a story on and echoing their subhead, which reads: “Clinton’s Use Of Word ‘Plantation’ Raises Eyebrows.” I don’t know about you (I mean, really, I don’t) but when I read that headline over on Drudge I thought, ‘Holy cow, Hillary went and said something racially insenitive on MLK Day. What sort of maroon is running that campaign anyways?’ Is that just me? Or did you think something like that too?
Imagine my surprise when I clicked through and read the details. Here’s Hillary’s quote, which comes from a speech she made at an event sponsored by Rev. Al Sharpton’s Action Network:

“When you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation and you know what I’m talking about…”

And the eyebrows she raised? They belong to Representative Peter King (unrelated to Martin Luther King, jr.), a white Republican NY congressman who said:

“It’s always wrong to play the race card for political gain by using a loaded word like plantation. But it is particularly wrong to do so on Martin Luther King Day”.

I’m not here to argue that point. I’m just saying, taken in some context, it’s a different sort of story altogether. Is all I’m saying.

Desperate times

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OK, so horrific earthquake in Kashmir. Delay, Miers, Libby, Rove, all that. Wilma’s kinda fierce. Deficit’s growing. Continued Katrina fallout. Inflation mebbe. Gas prices. You know what I’m talking about here, right? I’m talking about news. There’s lotsa news. Like, big stories. Everywhere.
And what are the good folks over at Fox focused on? Well the 24/7 section over on features the top stories from their top programs. And that’s right, on October 21st, John Gibson is waaaaaay out on the front line, fighting the good fight against…..
The War on Christmas.
That’s right, it’s the war on the war on Christmas. Beating back all the Christmas haters out there. And they are legion. He’s on (his phrase) “Christmas Patrol.” In October. In October. And that’s “The Big Story.”
And I get that he’s got a book he’s selling here. But still. All I can think of to say is:
Oh come on now.