Category: Media Say the Darndest Things

  • Billmon explains the swiftboating of Kos

    I know the seven or eight readers of this site are not blog junkies and may not have been following the recent campaign against Markos Moulitsas Zúniga and his “minions” for… well, it’s confusing, but for an excellent summary slash analysis see Billmon’s The Swiftboating of Kos in his venerable Whiskey Bar. (Note: Even Atrios […]

  • Alternate Reality #666

    Pertaining to nothing, ran into an article talking about the use of “666” in the marketing for The Omen remake, and it featured the following quote: “Normally, a marketer is going to be very, very wary about using the devil,” said Robert Thompson, professor of television at Syracuse University in New York state. “But 666 […]

  • Rolling Stone Rolls W.

    Was the whole reason George Sr. and company wanted George Jr. to become president just to make Sr.’s adminstration look competent by comparison? Well, on that score at least, mission accomplished. Now Rolling Stone (credit where due, I first saw this mentioned on our beloved dailykos) weighs in on the possibility that W. may be […]

  • Michael Jackson Bailout

    Michael Jackson Bailout Said to Be Close – New York Times

  • Whose Eyebrows?

    Drudge is linking to a story on and echoing their subhead, which reads: “Clinton’s Use Of Word ‘Plantation’ Raises Eyebrows.” I don’t know about you (I mean, really, I don’t) but when I read that headline over on Drudge I thought, ‘Holy cow, Hillary went and said something racially insenitive on MLK Day. What […]

  • Desperate times

    OK, so horrific earthquake in Kashmir. Delay, Miers, Libby, Rove, all that. Wilma’s kinda fierce. Deficit’s growing. Continued Katrina fallout. Inflation mebbe. Gas prices. You know what I’m talking about here, right? I’m talking about news. There’s lotsa news. Like, big stories. Everywhere. And what are the good folks over at Fox focused on? Well […]