It’s happening again…

Remember when the media spent all that time covering Monica Lewinsky and Whitewater and Travelgate? And then, how after 9/11, looking back, most of us, regardless of party (far far right excepted) thought: “hunh. that may not have been the best way for the media to have used its time — yapping on about that [expletive] for nights on end, all while al qaeda was gathering strength?”
Remember that? Like, a month ago?
It’s happening again. For the last week I haven’t been able to switch on a cable news channel (most of all Fox, with their recently revised slogan “we interview John E. O’Neill over and over again, you decide”) without seeing a lengthy segment on those darn Swift Boat Vets for Truth. And it’s just so clear, y’know? That, of course, those crazy media yahoos haven’t learned a thing.
We’re at war. An expensive war. A war with casualties. A war with consequences. Whether you’re pro or con the war, I think almost every sane American would agree this war — the one currently underway — is more important than debating the exact degree to which John Kerry was wounded in his early twenties. Also likewise more important: the state of the economy, the state of our civil liberties, abortion laws, the state of our schools, the state of the environment. And on down the line. Hell, I’d rather hear about those darn activist judges than this [expletive].
Whichever side you’re on, how could a reasonable person think this is the most important topic on the table? That it’s worth 2 weeks of news time two+ months before the election? They couldn’t. It ain’t.
With everything at stake here, if we spent two solid weeks worth of news cycles debating GWB’s national guard service, I’d lose my lunch. I’d lose my mind.
My only comfort: with the Olympics in full swing, you’ve got to figure there are only about 6 or 7 people actually watching this trainwreck. And we’re all voting for Kerry.






3 responses to “It’s happening again…”

  1. suburbanitehell Avatar

    i agree with what you say about the media although i really don’t know about this john kerry stuff because i’m australian… i know he’s running for presidency and for the mere reason he’s not bush i hope he wins.
    i’ve been to protests and theres all these people dressed as bush with howard (our prime minister) cained to and kissing his arse
    we even gave you a blank cheque-

  2. David Kolodney Avatar
    David Kolodney

    I hear MTV is planning “Battle of the Swift-Cribs.” But it’s going to be very tasteful.

  3. heroic imp Avatar
    heroic imp

    Listen, let’s call a spade an ace here, can Kerry lead when we don’t have the full picture about his service in Vietnam? At least we know the truth with Bush, he was in the national guard drunk under the table OK! Now sit down, ah, excuse me sir, ah…cut his mic….let’s get on to Mark Peterson, does Kerry have the same ability to kill his wife? Now I am not saying PEterson killed his wife, all i am asking, yes or no, is can Kerry kill his wife like Michael Jackson can lie under oath and Koby can dunk? yes or no, liberals are always flip flopping on this…