Kerry response to swift boat smear

This remarkably powerful ad from Kerry/Edwards — and the associated petition — are well worth your time.






One response to “Kerry response to swift boat smear”

  1. Boris Khadinov Avatar
    Boris Khadinov

    Excellent! I wish I had seen this before I wrote my O’Reilly blurb about the swift boats. This is exactly the kind of ad the republicans are trying to call a smear on the same scale as the swift boats. It’s negative, yes. It’s negative because it is taking documented evidence and turning it against Bush, not because it is taking innuendo and trying to palm it off as the truth.
    The beauty of this ad is that there is no production, no voice over, no dissolves and manuplative effects…well, there is the ominous drone in the background, so I take that last one back. Other than that, it’s just McCain stripping the man naked and leaving him to flail. I particularly love the nervous “yeah” Bush drops when McCain says “that really hurt.” How pathetic.