Kerry seemed ‘on’

· 2004 Election

In the spirit of balanced analysis, let me offer this counter-point to xian’s crafty post-debate “spin.”
Yes, fine, I’ll grant his central thesis: Sure. OK. Bush was off.
But leave us not forget: Kerry was on.
Really, the guy had a job to do, and dang if he didn’t nail it. He was smart, strong, likable, dare I say…presidential. He even managed to stomp on Bush without coming across as superior or “aloof.”
And even more: he left remarkably little SNL fodder in his wake. No sighing. No lock boxes. As I think we all learned in 2000: hard-shelled mockery can help write history, and tonight Kerry kept himself on the smart side of that swinging blade.
Now ole smirky boy…seems like it might be possible for them to have a little sport at his expense. Oh yes indeed…