Let's Talk America

Let’s Talk America is “a nationwide movement that will bring Americans from all points on the political spectrum together in cafes, bookstores, churches and living rooms for lively, open-hearted dialogue to consider questions essential to the future of our democracy.” Its website has “Find/Host a Discussion” functions, prominent promotion of “the Democracy in America Convention, August 19th-22nd in Springfield, Illinois,” and the promise of more features such as “downloadable discussion guides, tools that let you find events in your area or post one of your own, and an online voter registration system.” Let’s Talk America is a co-venture of several civic organizations and apparently is funded by The Institute on the Common Good at Regis University. (Hat tip to Jon Lebkowsky.)






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  1. xian Avatar

    Lebkowsky, no?

  2. Pete Avatar

    Lebkowsky, yes. Thank you.