Linkin' logs due for some rethinking

At Tom Coates has some ideas for how link logs should work in this day and age:

So Paul Hammond created webkit2png which is a lovely little command-line script for a Mac that goes and grabs a full screenshot of a web-page – full length on the page. It can also do a variety of other whatsits and hoojis which are really cool. So what I want someone to do now is to make a little app that sits your Mac which you can stick your remaindered linkloggery into – a little app that:

  1. Is templatable;
  2. Posts the links to and any other link aggregation place (damned if I’m going to leave all my lovely posts on someone else’s system without hooking into mine);
  3. Grabs a screenshot of the page concerned (can be overwritten if you’re linking to something random);
  4. Posts the whole she-bang to your linklog (complete with lovely little screencap) via the various weblog APIs;
  5. If someone could make it some kind of plug-in for my browser or make it triggerable via an AppleScript or something, that would be nice too.

To be honest, I’m not sure this is quite what I want, but it’s becoming clear to me that the area of the linklog is in enormous need of some refactoring and rationalisation work.