Make certain the story is not used

From dmasson on the Well:
This looks like a mistake. In case the link is taken down, it says:

AP Kills Limbaugh Painkillers Story
The Associated Press
Saturday, January 3, 2004; 5:06 PM
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Please kill the story Limbaugh-Painkillers, V9991. Rush Limbaugh has not been charged with doctor shopping.
A kill is mandatory.
Make certain the story is not used.


Aha, it looks like the original (killed) article is still currently up at The Tri-Valley Herald Online, where it reads (fair use! fair use!):

Article Last Updated: Sunday, January 04, 2004 – 2:48:02 AM PST
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‘Doctor shopping’ charge against Limbaugh is rare
Radio talk-show host’s attorney says client unfairly targeted
By , Associated Press
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Palm Beach County prosecutors investigating Rush Limbaugh for his prescription-drug use have filed “doctor shopping” charges against only one person in the past five years, according to a review of court records.
Limbaugh’s lawyer said the review by The Palm Beach Post in Saturday’s editions offers more evidence that the conservative radio commentator is being unfairly targeted.
“Rush Limbaugh has been singled out for special prosecution because of who he is,” Roy Black said in a written state-ment provided to the newspaper. “We believe the state attorney’s office is applying a double standard.”
State Attorney Barry Krischer denied Limbaugh was unfairly targeted, saying, “whether Mr. Limbaugh is subject to prosecution for any crimes is still under investigation.”
Investigators obtained Lim-baugh’s medical records in November after discovering he received more than 2,000 pain-killers, prescribed by four doctors, at a pharmacy near his home. Limbaugh’s former maid told investigators she had been supplying him with prescription painkillers for years.
Limbaugh’s attorneys had argued that the seizure of the medical records violated their client’s privacy and that the investigation was politically motivated. Limbaugh recently ad-mitted his addiction, saying it stemmed from severe back pain, and took a five-week leave to enter a rehabilitation program.
The Post review found only one case in which the county filed charges of acquiring overlapping prescriptions. The defendant died before trial.
Doctor shopping, punishable by up to five years in prison, is duping at least two doctors into prescribing the same controlled substance in a 30-day period.
Two other doctor-shopping cases were transferred from other counties and prosecuted in Palm Beach County, the newspaper found. One woman was convicted and received 18 months’ probation; another case has not gone to trial.
A telephone message left Saturday at Black’s offices was not immediately returned.