Manic jag

This week has been a trip. For example, last night the Dean rally at the hotel was so packed (it was like a Dead show in about six different ways – someone please remind me to explain this at another time) that I ended up retreating to the hallway and playing with my camera and my spare thinkpad and while I was trying to upload photos and blog my stream-of-consciousness notes Craig Newmark happened by and told me he was on his way to give a little talk at the San Francisco Democratic Club and would I like to tag along as journalist.
You have to be able to leave right now, he said. So I jumped up, noticed my wallet lying under the comfy chair, jammed the camera and its umbilicus and the my cellphone into the seybold goodie bag (I was in full geek mufti), and headed out.
I’ll post more about that conversation elsewhere.
Maybe it’s just spring, but I have a feeling things are changing.
Meanwhile, everything’s happening at once so I guess it’s time to deal with all the software installs I’ve been putting off.
I managed to get a Scoop test site installed for Mediajunkie 2.0 and probably RFB2 as well.
Rusty’s install script is astoundingly useful, by the way.
Now I need help again. I’m setting up a wiki for Open Publishing (or trying to) with phpwiki, but I’m stumped on another newbie, no doubt, error:

You don't seem to have DBM file support compiled into PHP. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: dba_open() in /path /to /phpwiki /lib /DbaDatabase.php on line 38

Any suggestions?