Media Monkeys & Red Star Republicans

· 2004 Election

….as in See No Evil, etc. Has anybody noticed that the Bush campaign stops all seem to take place in the same room? And that the media show only the podium-shots of Kerry and Bush as if they were both addressing actual crowds of people? Have you also noticed that the Bush “campaign speeches” include a laugh-track and a boo-track? News outlets have commented on Bush “rallies” that require participants to undergo a loyalty inspection before entering. But who’s pointing out that those side-by-side Kerry/Bush photo ops at the public podiums are patently one-sided? The Kerry rallies have huge crowds of people who congretated in public places to hear him–whether they support him as a candidate or not. The Bush events are not public appearances. They’re Mao Moments. Remember those? The cut-and-pasted head of Chairman Mao floating in the Yellow River to prove that he was alive and swimming? The hordes of Mao-izens herded into the streets for a Mao Moment photo-op? Maybe Republicans should be wearing red stars on their lapels instead of the American (equal parts red and blue) flag.