MediaMorphosis conference blog and feedpaper

The American Press Institute has something called the Media Center and this entity is currently hosting a conference called MediaMorphosis.
Susan Mernit is running a conference blog for the conference called morph and the conference’s home page also includes a link to a custom Feedster Mediamorphosis Conference Feedpaper on-the-fly aggregration of any references to the conference found in the Feedster index of the living web.
Looks like best practices to me. Now this post should show up on the Feedster page soon, and for that matter I can link to a specific entry, such as this one which posits the radical notion that someone might actually want an editor and trust my software to send a trackback ping to the blog, alll without making any substantial contribution to the discussion, which suits a gatecrasher like me with the flimsiest possible journalistic credentials.
What was it Jarvis quoted recently from what was it, Vanity Fair? “Bloggers, they’re not just B-list writers like you thought if you were one of us A-list writers on the staff of this glossy magazine!”