Category: Journalism

  • b!X's postmortem on Portland Communiqué

    The One True b!X shuttered his citizen journalism site in September of this year (it launched in 2002). In Coda he looks back on that decision and elaborates on three major motivators: * Growing weariness with the prominence of demagoguery. * Major local stories looming on the horizon. * Inevitable future dominance of the financial…

  • Chris Nolan's 'Spot-On'

    I meant to blog about this as soon as I heard, but better late than never. Chris Nolan has rebranded and relaunched her journalistic group weblog (time to update those RSS feeds…). It’s now called Spot-On. The new design is polished and handles the ads much more gracefully. Chris Nolan is the site’s editor (and…

  • Reporters without Borders releases blog-censorship handbook

    Via the Beeb: A handbook that offers advice to bloggers who want to protect themselves from recrimination and censors has been released by Reporters Without Borders.

  • The Times inching toward a bloggish attitude?

    Metasnark about the Times “What’s Online” column from O’Reilly Radar (The NY Times Gets into the Blog Spirit): Today’s New York Times’ What’s Online column, by Dan Mitchell, contains this nice little tidbit: OH, WE HAVE A BLOG? Red Hat Software, the Linux distributor, may have had big things in mind when it started its…

  • Did everybody forget their passwords?

    The Guardian (UK) has a go at Arianna Huffington’s new celebrity group blog: With friends like these … (via the Well’s blog conference)

  • Rageboy recounts a cautionary tale

    Over at Chief Blogging Officer Christopher “clootrane” Locke tells how his current project was nearly derailed at its outset by sloppy journalistic practices, but the forces of light prevailed and all’s well that end’s swell in RageTown.