Mental association jukebox

Nearly every week I shop for groceries at the Berkeley Bowl. Inevitably, near the end of my round, in the produce section, I find my mind humming the words “… yesterday don’t matter when it’s gone / Dying all the time / Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind / In life unkind….” Just when I start wondering why I’m thinking about a Rolling Stones song, the chorus kicks in “Goodbye, Ruby Grapefruit / Who could hang a name on you.”
Just this morning, doing some dishes, I found myself mentally singing Dylan’s Buckets of Rain, specifically the part that goes “Little red wagon / Little red bike / I ain’t no monkey but I know what I like….” As I reeled back the mental tape, I remembered looking at some unsorted laundry on the bedroom table, specifically a pair of gray socks I thought might have been mind instead of B’s, but then I noticed they were pretty small, so they probably are hers. This made me think of the cat in the comic strip Mutts singing his (her?) happy song while worrying a “little pink sock.” A few minutes later, my mind had completed it’s search for a related song and it was just a sohrt leap from little pink sock to little red wagon.
Yes, I know I am strange.