Metablogging STATUS: Publish

Scobleizer is back and hasn’t lost a beat. (These are metablogging items, not strictly PoM fodder, but hey.) First, Why Robert Scoble blogs:

Chris Prately, who has become one of my favorite bloggers (yeah, cause he was the guy behind Microsoft’s OneNote
product) asks “why should I
keep blogging
?” and, taking it further, why does ANYONE keep blogging?

Isn’t the answer going to be different for everyone? …

Now, I won’t guarantee that it’ll change your life that much, but I believe that the world’s most influential
and most interesting people (who are often the same) are only reachable via weblogs.

Then, a link to FOAF, now on LiveJournal:

LiveJournal now is exporting FOAF (Friend of a Friend) data. I need to learn more about FOAF and
the scenarios it opens up. I still don’t get social software. Who’s my friends? It’s the people I link to. Linking
to someone is a far stronger social statement about someone than saying “yeah, they’re my friend” to Orkut or
Linked Up.

And finally, he goes around the blog-dev world
in 80 characters

Dave Winer is asking for visions of what
the future of Weblogging tools and services might look like. I’ve already seen the future. How can I say that?
Because it’s already here. The problem is that no one tool has wrapped up what’s cool. Let’s look …