Missed potential at the DNC

Cam Barrett thinks the
convention blogging could have been a great deal more directed as well as more participatory
. He was consulted early on but apparently most of his suggestions were not acted on.






4 responses to “Missed potential at the DNC”

  1. Dave Johnson Avatar

    I left this comment:
    I think it’s still too early to try to judge the results of this experiment. And I think some of your premises and expectations don’t necessarily reflect what this was about.
    I don’t understand the expectation that bloggers were supposed to be “covering” the convention. I don’t think bloggers “cover” things, I think they blog.
    I think bloggers are a special kind of information filter. At the convention I realized that bloggers serve a much more important role in the political process than I had thought before the convention. I’m going to write about this, but not until it’s ready to come out. No great hurry.

  2. Levi Asher Avatar

    Hey X! The New York Times liked your comment about Sam Donaldson’s Marmoset (check the Sunday Styles Section).
    — Levi

  3. Greater Democracy Avatar

    More about blogging and democracy

    Perhaps the most important part of the Democratic National Convention blogging is yet to begin; trying to figure out what happened … We are already starting to see various attempts to make sense of it all… Charlie Cooper … New York Times … Cam …

  4. JimfromWalnutCreek Avatar

    The fly-on-the-wall perspective was interesting enough to keep me coming back to read throughout the week, but I also wish the bloggers had done more journalism and less “it was so cool that I got to meet so-and-so.” The networks had announced in advance that they weren’t going to do much, so there was a real opportunity for “talented amateurs” to go in there and buttonhole people with more substantive questions.