My dream of genie

[Caruso and Kurzweil]
I’m blogging this from Living With The Genie: On Technology and the Quest for Human Mastery, an exciting star-studded, deep-thinky conversation introduced by Michael Pollan, moderated by Christina Desser, co-editor of the Living with the Genie title that inspired the panel (idea for promoting this book in the fall or next spring?), and incorporating Denise Caruso, Mark Schapiro, and Ray Kurzweil (via 2D telepresence).
Met Justin Hall after reading his journalings since the mid ’90s.
Shacker is webcasting.
Spoke briefly with J.D. Lasica (been working on his Dark Net book) and Scott Rosenberg (working on his philosophy of programming/software book?), and am keeping an eye out for Mary Hodder.
Who’s for dinner afterward?
Howard Rheingold, admits to an enlightenment-era bias
Richard Schapiro is pointing out that the laws governing the technology of shipping were established in the 18th century.
I know this is random.
I am posting pictures via TypePad. They should soon show up at Mr. Spontaneous.
Richard Rhodes couldn’t make it for personal reasons.






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  1. Radio Free Blogistan Avatar

    The genie’s out of the bottle

    I’m blogging tonight’s Berkeley panel (by Jove, Paul Grabowicz has done it again!) over at The Power of Many and I’ve posted a bunch of my usual blurry photos as well….

  2. Napsterization Avatar

    Genie Panel

    Both JD Lasica and Christian Crumlish blogged the dialog, and they were a whole lot nicer than I would be recounting it. The panel was all over the place, totally unfocused, though people said interesting somewhat random things. Most interesting…