My sig virus

Basic Internet marketing teaches us that your email sig is the place where you should be mentioning and linking to whatever it is in your life or portfolio that you most primarily ought to be promoting at the moment. Modern mail programs make it easy to have multiple sigs so that you can revert to your favorite quotes or whatever with your friends, but make the default sig the promotional one. this would include “Kittens looking for new home” or “I’m looking for a new job” type messages.
I believe the subtitle is locked now, so I updated it here on the blog and in my sig. Also, the domain is pointing here, which means I need to tell my blog software to report a new root (home) address, and that I can start announcing the site more widely, and that my sig can use the official URL instead of the underlying x-pollen/many location.
So here’s what I’m using as of now (it’s too long, though, probably won’t wrap well in replies – we’ll see):

Please to eagerly anticipate my new book, The POWER of MANY, in which I examine ...
how the living web is transforming politics, business, and everyday life!
In bookstores September, preorderable soon, contact me for an August review copy, ...
blogging now and until we figure everything out at






3 responses to “My sig virus”

  1. Pete Avatar

    Please to eagerly anticipate my new book, The POWER of MANY, in which I examine …
    A great example of Janglish, but a poor advert. Perhaps “I’m pleased to announce” or “Please look for” or “I hope you all eagerly anticipate” … ?

  2. Phil Wolff Avatar

    No passion to fuel the meme. Nothing intriguing to hook you. No offer to make you click here.
    “Get your insider preview of The Power of Many, the book that shows how the web changed the 2004 elections and is about to affect your job. Don’t tell anyone about until August.”
    then there’s …
    “I flatly deny that has graphic photos of the largest orgies of the 1990s.”
    or the fortune cookie approach…
    “In an attention economy, Attention Deficit is a survival trait.
    or the endorsement…
    “The Power of Many is a complete waste of your time. Unless you seek fame, fortune, power, sex, or to change the world.”
    – Phil Wolff, evanwolf group

  3. xian Avatar

    I would like Phil Wolff to be in charge of the ideaviral marketing of this book online. I like all his sig viruses better than mine.
    I finished the broken English meanwhile which was actually generic and not southeast asian in intent.