Nanopub metaconsciousness

Jason Calacanis is annoyed with Duncan Riley at Weblog Hype The Blog Herald for stiffing Weblogsinc Network (WIN) in his news coverage, particularly during this recent wave of news about the nanopublishing war between Calacanis’s WIN and Denton’s Gawker Media.






5 responses to “Nanopub metaconsciousness”

  1. Bill Avatar

    Actually, I think you mean the Blog Herald and not Weblog Hype. :)

  2. Jason McCabe Calacanis Avatar

    The Blog Hyper, I mean Hearld, has some kind of a ban on WIN (the Weblogs, Inc. Network). No mention of, and now no mention of Mark Cuban’s blog Both of there stories were huge in the blogsphere and in the press. Have there been two bigger blog stories in the past month?!

  3. Duncan Riley Avatar

    In some ways the more I read of this tale, the both weirder and funnier it gets. I have responded directly to Jason before reading this, and have now posted directly to The Blog Herald here Seriously though, the more I read this story the more I like my friend over at weblog hype; in Jason’s case he was right all along!

  4. The Blog Herald Avatar

    Nano (hype) wars

    Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc h as poached one of Gawker Media’s writers, Pete Rojas of Gizmodo to staff what Nick Denton describes as a “slick copycat site”. A relatively new comer to the blogging for money word Jason Calacanis…

  5. Benoit Avatar

    Quite frankly, the only way to be assured of coverage anywhere, and that seems to be what Jason is asking for, is to buy advertising.
    To think any blog/website has an obligation to cover what he would like to have covered is preposterous at best.
    Suggestion: he should start the Jason Herald and herald whatever he wants.