NextFest was boring

Robert Scoble has seen the future, and it left him “uncomfortable”:

First, there’s tons of reports on the blogosphere about NextFest (read them here on

What was wrong?

1) Not much practical value. More on that in a second.

2) Microsoft and Apple weren’t there. Big mistake. The crowds were huge and they were VERY tech savvy. Just the kinds of crowds that Microsoft should be marketing the Tablet PC, the Windows Media Center, Xbox Live, SmartPhones, OneNote, and InfoPath to. I met tons of developers, including many .NET and Linux guys . […] The fact that Microsoft wasn’t at an event like this was embarrassing.

3) It was too crowded. …






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  1. Stupid Simple Blog Avatar

    NextFest sucked

    After telling everyone I knew about NextFest — and even a few I didn’t know, like Scoble — I wish I hadn’t said a word. It sucked. B-O-R-I-N-G. And crowded. And no, Benjamin, I did not record the event or…