No access makes the heart go flounder

Been offline (mostly) since yesterday afternoon, with a few brief intermittent moments of access, during which I usually sent a big pile of queued up mail and tried to complete a few web-service-y actions.
Line problems with my SBC DSL are the problem. I have to prove this every time by jumping through all the troubleshooting questions with “Amber,” up all night working on the subcontinent (my trouble ticket starts with the letter “W as in vhiskey”).
I’m down on Lakeshore, logged in at Starbucks, having deposited a check and mailed some bill payments (only one more cycle this year!), and I’m thinking about getting a haircut but have to be back home between 4 and 8 to meet the SBC line repair peeps.
It’s been very frustrating being offline for the last twelve hours, for both of us. B has become accustomed to universal 24-hour wireless broadband and was in the middle of posting a new photo essay at True Dirt.
So, I will take a deep draught of onlinearity for the next half hour and then go back to the off-the-grid world at least until dinner with some of the most on-the-grid folks within reach of Berkeley this evening.