OhmyNews interview with Gillmor

· The Power of Many

When we both get a moment free I’m going to interview Dan Gillmor about his new venture for the Power of Many weblog. In the meantime, this interview in

Quoting from OhmyNews International gives some insight into what he’s got in mind:

One of the great things about the democratization of media is that people can do their own projects. Certainly people on the right felt that mainstream media was controlled by the left – which I disagree with – but that’s how they felt. They have every right to build an audience and that’s what they did, they built an audience. So we’re just going even further with the grassroots kinds of things. Blogs are almost a descendent of talk radio, in a sense.

… [N]ow we have this new possibility of doing all kinds of experiments with what you already understand so well – which is that people out at the edge of the networks have a lot to contribute and that’s what is going to be so much fun.