On the limits of networking

At culturekitchen, Liza Sabater notes a post by Alex Galloway and Eugene Thacker to the nettime-l mailing list called The Limits of Networking that seems to address the “echo chamber” flaw. (Not quoted due to this disclaimer from the mailing lists’s sig-statement: “no commercial use without permission”.) The entire thread can be found at the nettime-l web archive.
Here’s Liza’s prefacing comment:

I’m going to have to shell out the money for your book.
This is one of the best, and I mean, BEST pieces of political theory I have read in years. It could not have come at a better moment, since my work as an independent schooling advocate is a direct result of my use of the Internet –and a lot of my colleagues in the movement, just like I, are making it as we go. To have ideas of strategy and tactical intervention articulated in this manner is just precious.