Curious about the Well?

Let me take a cue from Bruce Umbaugh and extend this invitation to our readers here:

Friends are invited to join The WELL:
The WELL, one of the most cherished and original online social gathering places, has engaged, informed, enraged and transformed people from around the globe since 1985. On April 1 our community – and we don’t use that term lightly – will be 19 years old. We’re inviting friends of friends to join the conversation in celebration. We’re pleased to offer a very special (and very occasional) Friend To Friend rate. All you need is the login name of your friend at The WELL.
Join the award-winning, non-anonymous conversations at a special rate through April 1, 2004. Explore either of our membership packages for two full months for a setup fee of just $2.00. If you cancel by phone or email during the two months, you go on your way, no regrets. If you stick around, our regular monthly rate will kick in starting with the third month, until you say otherwise. Some WELL members have been at home here for over 18 years, and it could just happen to you.

If you’re comfortable claiming me as your friend, tell ’em xian sent you.