Online movement against Gallup poll

A lot of talk online today about the flaws in the most recent presidential Gallup poll – specifically, oversampling Republicans. Kos writes:

Just got off the phone with a reporter from USA Today who is writing a story on potential problems with the Gallup poll, and the liberal blogosphere’s work in bringing attention to the issue.

Here are some applicable links: from the Kos main page, a discussion in a diary on dKos, at the left coaster, and this Reuters article that cites a related ad just out from
This strikes me as the sort of media anti-bias watchdog story that the right has had so much success with. Be interesting to see if the Dem-friendly online world can do as good a job getting a story out into the national conversation as the GOP-friendly online world did with the CBS/forgery story.






One response to “Online movement against Gallup poll”

  1. Joseph Avatar

    Why are you guys reporting polls that are clearly biased in favor of the republicans? I would think that your long reputation of fair and balanced polling would steer you far away from trying to help a specific party. I see the conservatives have gotten to you as well. Who can we trust? We know a fair poll sample is 50, 50. Can you find it within yourselves to be fair and neutral?