Our Question Wins by a Mile!

In March, I blog-worried about which of two questions about Bush and Terrorism would prevail: Our Question or his. I think now we know.
[W]hich of two messages will end up as the net “take-away” ….
–The weak one is that Bush didn’t care enough about terror: It’s mushy, vague, “who can know?”, etc.
–The message that needs to come through is that the Iraq war displaced terror as the main concern. That’s not very mushy.
For Bush it is crucial that that question should not be effectively posed in the first place; it is not a good question for people to even be considering. It is immediately plausible that the war was an obsessive-compulsive blunder. And if it is a blunder, it is a colossal blunder.
At this point, Our Question wins by a mile!
A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll published yesterday found that a majority of Americans now believe the war has increased the threat of terrorism. A New York Times/CBS News poll earlier this week found that 47 percent of respondents believe the terror threat has increased, while only 13 percent say it has declined. Thirty-eight percent of the respondents in that poll said the war had not made a difference.