PDF is a poor conference title

David Weinberger is blogging from the Personal Democracy Forum in New York…

along with about 150 other people for a day of non-partisan discussion of how politics may be changing, particularly because of the new global connectedness. The conference organizer is Andrew Rasiej, who I almost met when he was with the Dean campaign.

I’m in the Bloggers’ Corner, the front left of the auditorium where the power strip is. To my right is Jeff Jarvis. To my left is David Jacobs. Behind me, Anil Dash. In front of me, David Isenberg.

The chat and blogs can be found here. Also try Kinja.

Bloggers’ Corner? … Notable bits so far:

  • Bob Kerrey on blogging: “It’s not something you can control. Blogging is like gravity: It is. The question is what are you going to do with it?”
  • Joe Trippi was asked, “Will the Republicans figure this out?” and replied, “Absolutely. They already have.”
  • Ralph Reed’s idea of grassroots: “MoveOn.org tried doing bottom up and ended up with an ad on their site. As you empower people, you also have to maintain message discipline.”