Hot damn

It’s too early to celebrate but I just resubmitted Chapter 9, the final chapter of my book, the recursive, regressive one about media and publishing and information and knowledge and journalism and books and this book itself. That leaves one chapter left to rewrite. Of course it’s the politics chapter, the biggest mother in the whole book, but it’s about time I revisited it. (I wrote the first draft when everybody thought Howard Dean was a shoo-in for Democratic nominee.)
There’s also a glossary. And then six or so of the chapters need to be redone one more time after the copyeditor and my peer reviewer have had a crack at it. So I’m not there yet, but I still feel like letting one a mini- war whoop because this has not been easy.
I don’t know whether to eat something now or take a nap.






One response to “Hot damn”

  1. cecil vortex Avatar

    woo! Just don’t have a snack while actually sleeping….