Please help improve the POM glossary

I’m doing author review of the glossary draft now (the book’s appendix) and I’d like to hear suggestions from readers about terms we left out or improvements in definitions. I’m such a geek that I often forget which words sound strange to normal people. I want people reading the book to be able to flip to the glossary any time they encounter a word like “meme” or “blog” or “ping” or “wiki” and get an explanation without losing their momentum in the chapter they’re reading.
I am about to update the Glossary section of the book’s wiki so that it tracks with the current draft of the book. (I’m putting each definition on its own page so that they can grow in the future into encyclopedia-type entries, but I wonder if using the HTML definition-list/term, definition-list/definition would be semantically more meaningful, plus should I worry that the sage’s like to say that “wiki is not a dictionary”?)
If you’d like to suggest a glossary term, you can post a comment here or propose it on the wiki. (To edit the wiki, simply sign yourself in with a WikiName – mine is ChristianCrumlish; no password required. This will give you the ability to edit nearly any page in the wiki, including any part of the glossary.)






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