Politics to the people

It’s too bad David Weinberger didn’t hold out long enough to hear Michael Moore speak, because (yes, yes, I will post a summary soon – it’s very noisy here in the hall and Jerry Springer is schmoozing with the bloggers) Moore made the point that polls of “likely voters” might not accurately predict the turnout in this unusually politicized time.
It’s actually cool to be into politics, now, was one of his points.
He talked about Dale Earnhardt endorsing his movie and he argued that a liberal progressive majority exists in this country, noting that 54% of the public now thinks the war in Iraq was a mistake.
Weinberger has an anecdote that lends some support to this view of the heightened degree of awareness of and interest in politics today:

The cabby and I got to talking and he offered that Carter’s speech had been magnificent. He pulled from the cab’s sun visor a scrap of paper on which he had written a favorite phrase from the speech: “…we cannot lead if our leaders mislead.” Wow, I thought to myself, if cabbies are writing down their favorite phrases from the Convention, we’re doing really well.