The future of the Democratic Party

Barack Obama’s speech got more and more intense as he went along. Jerome Armstrong from My Due Diligence said at first he was worried that Obama might pull an ’88 Clinton and just meander on and bore people, but the energy built and built and by the end of the speech the convention hall was in an uproar.
It’s an open secret that Obama is considered a real comer in the party. Now that he’s nearly guaranteed to take the Illinois Senatorial seat in a walk, his future looks bright. Chris Rabb from Afro-Netizen™, who lives in Chicago, pointed out to me that the worst thing they can pin on Obama is the “liberal” label, and even in that regard he has no track record of votes to deride. Something tells me that even a liberal can be elected these days when he’s intelligent, charismatic, and a good speaker with a strong message.






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  1. Cecil Vortex Avatar

    I had the same impression watching at home on the TV — that he started a little blandly, and built to a remarkable high point. One of the best speeches I’ve heard in years. In particular the sequence re the United States of America, no red/no blue — brilliant. Gave me the dang chills. I’m sure thousands of people saw this, and like us, thought we were watching a bit of history in the making.