Poll position

In late October 2000, the polls consistently showed Bush over Gore by anywhere from 5 points to 13 points. I remember going into election day convinced by the confident, well-dressed people on my TV that Gore didn’t have a chance. I remember being stunned that night to see that it was even close. The unions came out for Gore in huge numbers. African Americans rallied to Gore with historic levels of support. Pennsylvania? Michigan? He wasn’t supposed to have a chance there. Florida within reach? Madness.
The Angry Liberal did better than just remember all this. They found a page in the CNN archives from late October, with CNN/USA Today/Gallup showing Bush beating Gore 52% to 39%. That’s 52% to 39%. One more time: 52% to 39%. The thing is, they weren’t alone. I remember the polls consistently calling for a Bush stomping. And yet surprinsgly enough, Gore won the popular vote. They weren’t off by the margin of error. They were off by a multiple of the margin of error.
Remember all that this weekend. They misunderestimated our enthusiasm last time. We won’t get misunderestimated again. Ready the buntings. Color code your confetti. It’s winning time.
(credit where credit’s due department — DailyKos pointed me toward The Angry Liberal.)