Happy days are already here again

[Cecil, if you don’t smile over this, please report to an ER.]
Thursday evening, homeward commute time; corner of Treat Bl. and Clayton Rd. in Concord, California (medium-size intersection in a medium-size suburb):
A dozen people scattered around all the sidewalks, waving Kerry/Edwards signs.
Now, this is antithesis of a battleground state. And it’s in a town where the House, Senate, and state leg. races are guaranteed to go Democratic. So what are we to make of curbside campaigning in this setting?
I can only assume we’re redefining “irrational exuberance.”






2 responses to “Happy days are already here again”

  1. cecil vortex Avatar

    it’s winning time….

  2. Douglas Anders Avatar

    I live in NW Ohio, and yesterday I saw Kerry at the University. I was there early and was able to make it onto the floor right in front of the stage.
    I was surrounded by volunteers–Teamsters, UAW and lots of college kids. Kerry was about to show up, so of course they were all excited but I overheard several stories of volunteers surprised by the level of support they found for Kerry while canvassing or calling.
    One man was given a list to call and each name was coded: “1” for strong Kerry, “2” for leans Kerry and “3” undecided. He was told to only call the “2”s and “3”. He was surprised that most people that he talked sounded like “1”s. He had to check that there wasn’t a mistake on his list.
    Anecdotal, unconfirmed and lacking context, I know. But I haven’t seen Toledo Democrats this fired up ever.