Power to the tin-foil hat people

You hear it all the time: “Oh you know, he’s a tin-foil hat guy.” And “I know I may sound a little tin-foil hat here but…”. And “Hey! — nice tin-foil hat, Betsy. Metaphorically speaking.”
And I ask you: What about people who really like to wear tin-foil hats? Did anybody ever stop to think of their feelings?
I mean, I like to wear legumes in various body parts. That doesn’t mean it’s open season on legumes-in-various-body-parts people. “Oh, you know, he’s a legume-in-various-body-parts kind of person…” That’s not OK. It’s just not.
I’ll tell you what it is: It’s just another example of the soft bigotry of making fun of people who like to wear legumes in various body parts.






One response to “Power to the tin-foil hat people”

  1. the RaptorMage Avatar
    the RaptorMage

    I don’t remember an episode where you stuck Beanie in a body part. So let me be the frist to say… Up yours, Cecil!