Progressive philanthropy

Gift Hub is a site to facilitate giving with a grassroots civic purpose (“responsive philanthropy”?). “As a volunteer and friend of philanthropy I try to connect idealistic donors with resources that may be helpful to them.” … “Ideally, the site will help good people find each other to do good things not only for themselves but for the causes we support.” (Link via Loose Democracy.) From the Gift Hub FAQ:

Q: What is your purpose?

A: To create an open space where advisors, givers, and activists for grassroots organizations can meet to discuss ways and means, as well as ends in view.

Q: Is this space open to all grassroots organizations, whatever their politics?

A: Yes, but think of it this way. We are all fans, say, of baseball, but to be a fan is to have a passionate rooting interest in a particular team. Same with civil society. We support an open society and favor particular causes, and encourage you to do the same.