In the air above Vegas

Before my batteries run out, I think I’ll get caught up on “what I’ve been doing all week,” especially since I’m only getting busier. I’m currently on a plane headed for San Antonio with a stopover in Vegas. I’m going to a joint regional and national conference of the American Culture Association / Popular Culture Association for a Grateful Dead caucus. (I’ll post more about my presentation soon at Uncle John’s Blog.
Last Thursday I did nothing special for April fools. I did a little work on smoothing relationships between the East Bay DFA and Kerry campaigns, I got more coffee, I did the grocery shopping and I made dinner (baked potatoes; seared tuna; parboiled, marinated, and grilled asparagus; salad that we didn’t eat – too full; and peach sorbet).
Friday I tried airing out my bedroom, which was getting pretty funky, went to see my therapist, and did an updated version of the wireframe (version 3) for CitizensVote. I made dinner with the leftover seared tuna and aspargus and we ate the salad (oak leaf, radicchio, frissé, half a pear, half an avodcado, stilton cheese, baby tomatoes and sliced cucumbers marinated in balsamic vinaigrette overnight) plus bread and chocolate ice cream for dessert. I also paid the rent and took my shirts in to the cleaner. (They’re ready today but I’m out of town so I won’t be able to pick them up till next Tuesday.)
Saturday I upgraded my titanium G4 powerbook to the Panther (OS X 10.3) version of teh operating system, got an external La Cie hard drive with 120 gigs, bought iLife to get GarageBand, researched upgrading to Airport Extreme!, researched upgrading B’s ibook, made lunch for B (salad w/leftover seared tuna), vacuumed the floors in the house, transferred all my iTunes to the external drive, freeing up 5 gigs on my overcrowded laptop, visited with B’s sister in town for a class, and made pizza for dinner (eggplant, red pepper, garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, oilves, and pecorino romano on corn meal crusts).
Sunday I forgot it was time to spring forward, made waffles for breakfast and spent all afternoon at the inaugural Party for America in Berkeley. That evening I wrote and discussed creative projects for a few hours with Cecil Vortex at L’Amyx, our tea haunt.
Monday I emailed my old friend PJ who now has a kewl job at Google to welcome him back to the Bay Area and plan lunch (plus talk about what my next job or gig should be), realized that I did a review of the developmental edit of Chapter 6 the day I got it back from my editor, Pete, so as it was only due today, I can ignore it in my dayminder. Around noon, my new $15 microphone from Best Buy came, enabling me to start producing even more frightful music. That evening I dropped by a friend’s house to pick up a pre-release copy of the movie Festival Express t show to the scholarly deadheads and pop culture enthusiasts in San Antone. Also, I finally finished my review of the peer-review comments to Chapter 3 (which was due a week ago!).
Tuesday I took Felicia Borrego from Save the Bay out to lunch to interview her for my book and talk about her experience helping to organize the Million Mom March. I went to the Thin Man Strings in Alameda to get my ukulele tuned (I couldn’t get it right on my own – turns out I should probably get better strings, then think about upgrading the pegs, then think about getting a non-cheapo instrument, once I have a chop or two to worry about).
…here I had to shut down my ‘puter and so I’ll finish this entry next chance I get.