Purple-numberize any site

PurpleSlurple can slurp up any web page and add purple numbers to each paragraph (that is, paragraph-level permalinks).
For example, here’s RFB purpleslurplerized: Purpled Blogistan.






2 responses to “Purple-numberize any site”

  1. Watermark Avatar

    Hi, I’m Sharon, and I’m a BlogAddict

    A Must-Read, from BLAUGUSTINE. She suggests some (very unrealistic) treatments, including: 1. Blog only once a week, choose a day (haven’t decided which day yet). 2. Check stats only once a week (you cannot be serious??) No permalinks, scroll to May 22…

  2. Kathryn Cramer Avatar

    The Web Though Purple-Colored Glasses

    I’m trying to visualize my perfect version of blog hypertextuality and am casting around in a number of directions. I’m trying to figure out how to install something along the lines of Purple Numbers here, but the installation is going…