Should we have a meeting? Maybe by irc? Just to check in. We’ve got some pending business: redesign, site architecture, link logging, access to this blog. Some have been too busy to post much lately. Is that a problem, anything to worry about? Should we invite more contributors? Or, as I hinted in a post at RFB, turn the site into a Scoop site so readers can make up diaries and we can “promote” people from the farm team?






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  1. filchyboy Avatar

    Sorry Xian. I have been very busy. I am this weekend returning to writing on the web.

  2. xian Avatar

    No worries. Everyone’s busy. I just want to make sure that Liza’s work gets the attention it deserves, and that we have some minimal level of cohesion, even if only to check in from time to time. Both Andrew and Rayne haven’t posted in a while, and Rayne wasn’t able to log into this blog since it got password-protected because I didn’t communicate clearly enough, etc. So we are a bit disconnected right now.
    I have no minimum expectations of posting, btw. Everyone is welcome to stay on staff forever and never post again if the mood never strikes again or the time is never right.
    I’m thinking we should put Liza’s new design up and invite our readers to give feedback, specifically around usability, etc.
    I’ll post a main entry about this.
    I’m also serious about moving over to Scoop next. Christopher, have you ever installed scoop? I just downloaded 0.9 but I’m a bit too busy and distracted to feel comfortable doing it yet.

  3. filchyboy Avatar

    I have no expereince with Scoop. To be honest I don’t have time to mess with a new install right now. I should have a chance to help, if needed, sometime in April but right now new installs on new apps are off my plate.
    As you can see I started pulling together some previous drafts and I have some ideas for some new posts in the days ahead. So I have resumed posting. Sorry again for the delay. My personal life sort of got ahead of me for a while there.
    Scoop makes me nervious to be honest. I’m not clear that the end result wouldn’t be another /.?

  4. filchyboy Avatar

    BTW That was the fastest comment post I’ve had on your machine. It didn’t time out. It didn’t hang for a long time. It simply rolled over the page and its all good!

  5. liza Avatar

    hey gang,
    sorry for the absence but, given the silence, I went ahead and did some work on my own blogs. now with my sites back on track i can take a looky at RFB.
    xian, i don’t now about scoop BUT this editorial blog proves that the archives are what are bogging RFB down. you may just want to transfer to a new blog all entries starting with january 1 and from now on work with each year as a volume. the problem with RFB is that, to rebuild one new entry it goes through all 6K+ you have there.
    late in the evenings are good for me for IRC. as chris knows, i tend to post past the 1am EST-mark. that would be what? 11pm for y’all?
    also, can i just start changes with the blog and make the redesign a public process –and blog about it– as opposed to have it done, packaged and with a ribbon? i can understand not wanting to have it done that way but, for me, it’s more interesting.

  6. filchyboy Avatar

    I like that plan Liza.

  7. filchyboy Avatar

    Oh and I am very interested in this question of creating another blog and breaking things down by volume. I have been moving into a new install of MT and as I have thousands of posts it turns out to be a pain in the ass to manage.
    Is it true I can create a new blog and have it write over the existing stuff and have it only write over the first page. Except for the categories this would seem to be the case. So the question becomes how do I manage the same categories in multiple volumes?
    Never mind me just thinking aloud.

  8. liza Avatar

    what do you mean write over the existing stuff and only the first page?
    as to the categories, you’d probably need the global “OtherBlogs” plug-in to basically aggregate (or collate) your data into one blog.

  9. filchyboy Avatar

    Actually I think I’m wrong. Since the files would be overwritten only at the headpage node for each category its really not an issue. I’ll do some testing on my install to see what is really up with this.