Scoble explains how trust can be contagious in groups

· The Power of Many

Quoting from The trust network at dinner with an author that I didn’t know (in Scobleizer):

How do you learn to trust/like/love someone new in your life?

Tonight I was at a dinner of about a dozen people. I was asked not to blog the dinner. But, I only knew three of the people there. Now, these were people who I REALLY TRUST. Folks who are leaders in industry. Who’ve been very successful. Who have helped me out a lot. People who I would invite over to sit on the Red Couch without a moment’s hesitation.

But, that left a bunch of people at the table that I didn’t know. That I didn’t trust.

One guy, sitting next to me, taught me how trust in groups works. He didn’t know he was teaching me anything. I just watched how the rest of the table interacted with him.

This was a person that several people at the table obviously liked. I watched their body language. I watched how they listened to him. I last saw this behavior when Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, spoke at Gnomedex. I turned to look at the audience and they were hanging on every word. Barely breathing. They were in a hyper attentive state. Eyes very focused. Breathing shallow.

So, anyway, I saw one of the three people who I knew walk over to the guy sitting next to me. Say “I’ve been such a fan for years.”

One of his answers during dinner let it slip that he was an experienced author. Had written several books. I still didn’t know his name, but by the end of the night I had transfered all the trust/love/adoration that the rest of the table had for my dinner mate to him too. I found myself becoming a fan and I didn’t even know what kinds of things he wrote. I just knew it had to be good the way my already-trusted friends were treating him.

When I left the dinner I still had no clue who this guy was. I had shared a dinner with him and only knew him as “Greg the author that my friends really loved.”

So, I rushed home, opened up my search engine, and searched on his name: Greg Bear.

What lessons does this have for blogging? Well, if three bloggers I know link to someone or something and say gushing things I’ll be highly likely to follow along too.

But Scoble, I thought you were asked not to blog the dinner?