Technorati synergy at bOing bOing

Susan Mernit likes what Boing Boing is doing with their Technorati cosmos links.
Mernit asked me and others to link to her entry, so that her example page at Technorati will be populated with incoming links. This also serves to demonstrate the central drawback to this innovation (that Mernit alludes to), which is that the commentary on your blog must now be aggregrated together to include comments, trackbacks, and Technorati chatter (plus I imagine you’d want to prune out all the duplications).
Mernit did it manually, but there’s at least one Technorati plug-in for Movable Type (the software Boing Boing recently migrated to from Google’s Blogger).
So the idea’s been around and some blogs have been using it for a long time. It’s been on my to-do list forever. But when Cory does it, it’s news!
My other wishlist item for Technorati, by the way, would be if I could claim a whole set of blogs and then view incoming links to the set, instead of feeling like I’m spamming these indexers with my multiple channels and brands thang.
I try to use the same permalink even when indexing an item under another domain name, so Technorati could figure out some of the duplication itself.
Also, I use x-pollen both for an all-things-xian blog and as the root of my MT install’s address (something I shouldn’t really have done – I should have dedicated a separate domain for the whole backend site, and I probably will during some great leap forward five-year reformation plan to come. Maybe when I decide if I’m headed for some sort of MT3Pro or Scoop in the long run.
But I’m digressing. My point is that if I want to see if anyone’s linking to, Technorati says to me, “You are, in every one of your permalinks and comment links! How useful for you!”
Can’t blog much right now, woodshedding, and when my editor is in the office tomorrow I need to have a rewritten chapter on his desk. (Paging filchyboy, to the grey courtesy telephone….)






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