Test post at Trippi blog

As reported over at RFB, Joe Trippi has started a new blog at Change for America. Since his first post was given number 6 by the MT software, I poked around a little to see if there were any earlier posts. 1 and 2 weren’t there but 3 and 4 were test posts and 5 was a longer test post with a comment (all by DFA blogger/webmaster Niccolo Miele).
They might want to remove the test post! In case they do, here is the contents (I don’t know the source) of Blessed Are the Quitters:

just another test entry to fill out the template
"Dear people, my name is Nicco and I’m only here for a few minutes today to encourage you and enlist your personal participation in an intentional act of change and necessary transformation. At the heart of such a proposition is the reality that no change is possible without letting go of something. In other words, you can ‘t take up unless you’re willing to give up …. something.
Now, you might be wondered exactly what I’m getting at. Well, someone here today…shouldn’t be. What I mean is that someone among us is not fulfilled to a degree sufficient to justify their staying as opposed to going. If only they would take a bold self-empowering leap and act for the sake of themselves and all of us here today. If only we could surround them with sincere, supportive encouragement and faith in their ability to secure a better future. If only they would QUIT.
That’s right. I said it. You heard it. And you know it’s true. Sometimes, more often than we are willing to admit, the right thing to do is quit. It is the first step to real change. In our culture, we teach people not to quit. We suggest that it is weakness that makes one quit. On the contrary, it is self doubt and weakness that keeps us from quitting. Quitting is cutting away from the security of the dock and putting out to sea, not to drift but to find the wind, trim the sails, and set a course for what you believe is out there waiting for you.
Just for a moment, ask yourself when was the last time you practiced a good quit. I suggest you reconsider your sens-abilities. Without the ability to quit, you’re stuck. Free will? — No way! But you can reclaim your power; you can rise up on your own two feet. You can demonstrate to yourself and everyone around you that you aren’t going to sit down and take it easy any more. You may be half-talented, semi-lame, and somewhat self-deluded, but that doesn’t mean your finished yet. You have the power and the power you have is the power to quit. I know you would like to, but you’re afraid, unsure, tentative, wary, etc. Don’t let that hold you back from your future. Trade in your half-empty glass and seek out a full cup. You deserve. You’ve been thirsty all your life, but you’ve relied on others to bring you that always partially filled glass of satisfaction. Stand up. Rise up. Quit!
What is your last strand of reservation tethering you to the berth you occupy? Is it that you are afraid of being — listen carefully, I’m going to say it — "a loser"? Don’t cringe. The strong among us are all losers, but we’re able to cut ourselves away. We want more. And when you really admit it, you’re a loser, but you have never let yourself "loose". Free. Wild. Hopeful. Daring. Just quit.
Posted by Nicco at February 4, 2004 01:57 AM
wow, you’re so articulate & smart. why don’t you have your own blog?
Posted by: nicco at February 4, 2004 03:10 AM