The 3-step exit plan

George Saunders has a piece at Slate right now that is devastating in its brutal comedic factuality. This country is so far off track that just stating things plainly reads like near-dada absurdist poetic theatre.
I recommend that you read the whole article, Exit Strategy, to get the full impact, but I will quote the steps, just to give you an idea of the plain speaking I refer to:

  1. Kill all the ones who are trying to kill us, in such a way that none of those who presently do not want to kill us suddenly start wanting to kill us.
  2. At the moment of the death of the last person who wanted to kill us, race quickly out of the country before some additional person suddenly decides he/she wants to kill us, thus necessitating our continued presence in Iraq, in order to kill him/her.
  3. Having left Iraq quickly, do not look back, so as not to witness individuals claiming they would have liked to kill us, which would then necessitate a return to Iraq, in order to etc., etc. (See No. 2, above.)

(via MichaelZ)