Category: Geopolitics

  • “Stuck in the middle with Jews…”

    Speaking as a Jew, can I say: how classic is it that Iran is responding to those Danish Mohammed-themed cartoons by sponsoring a cartoon contest about the Holocaust? I mean (speaking rhetorically now, but still as a Jew), how did we get caught in the middle here? Couldn’t they sponsor a cartoon contest about Hans […]

  • What do you do…

    …when a political party that is pledged to your destruction wins on election day? I don’t mean folks who you suspect would get a kick out of your destruction — like, maybe, if you were destroyed they’d exchange a high-five on the side. But a group that’s been actively putting out the positive spin on […]

  • Are they lining up Hizbollah for the Syria sequel?

    James Wolcott notices (Second Verse, Same as the First) that the Syrian-sponsored, Lebanon-based, Israel-hating Party of God terrorist group is being groomed for supervillain status in the next big middle east blockbuster coming soon to an election season near you. B said we should have a party of God in this country. We do, I […]

  • Quote of the year

    I did not like fascists when I fought them as a diplomat for 23 years and I don’t like them now in my own country. From Ambassador Wilson, in an excellent interview posted on ye olde DailyKos.

  • The Bush Administration’s War on Tsunami

    The Bush Administration today announced its new policy: to wipe tsunami from the face of the earth. “We will find the tsunami where they live,” said one extremely senior administration official, speaking from an undisclosed vacation hideaway. “And we will smoke them out.”

  • prospects for peace

    Interim Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas says the Palestinean’s armed uprising has been a mistake and that Palistineans should pursue independence by peaceful means. This is, I’d say, big news.