The blog conference on the Well

A year or so ago, with the help of Jon Lebkowsky, I started an independent conference on the Well called blog.ind. Plenty of people on the Well are blog-savvy already of course (case in point: Cory Doctorow), but the information about blogging was scattered across a number of confs, and I also detected a bit of old school “where’s the beef?” resistance to the blog form, so I thought there was a need the conference would fill.
Apparently I was right, as we’ve got a lively active conference with new posts pretty much every day and a wide range of interesting topics, and the Well recently decided to turn our little indie conf into an official “Featured” conference on the Well.
As a perk of hosting, the Well now comps my membership, which is gratifying, given the time involved in monitoring and cultivating the conference, but the main effect of becoming Featured is that the blog conference now shows up in the official conference list and its a little easier to promote within the Well community (for instance, longtime blogger Rafe Coburn just dropped by today on noticing the new listing).
We’re going to look into mirroring the Well Bloggers group blog on the conf’s description page. We’ll probably get more Well bloggers onto the feed as well.