Category: Storytelling

  • zorca interviews xian

    Suzanne Stefanac is writing a book on blogging called Dispatches from Blogistan (catchy title, eh?) for Peachpit / New Riders. Naturally, she’s been blogging the whole process and posting snippets of work in progress and the texts of interviews she’s conducted for the book. I know Suzanne from The Well, where I host the blog […]

  • shacker's blogging the heck out of sxsw

    I’m doing my best to blog about sxsw this year but Scot Hacker’s doing a great job of it. The only way for me to find out about the things I’m missing (good panels that are at the same time as other good panels, parties at the same time as other parties) is to find […]

  • Fertility, Conception, and Adoption blogging

    Marie Myung-Ok Lee, who has been blogging her book tour (on my Mediajunkie network) at has recently landed a gig writing Fertility Blog for Meanwhile, Lindisima Lovely has been writing Ms. Conception about trying to conceive a child as a single mother, also on my little Mediajunkie server. Do I sense a trend? […]

  • Blogger, can you spare a dime?

    A short story about the posta-blogalyptic future.

  • Blogging from New Orleans

    My friends Steve and Elizabeth are blogging the reconstruction of New Orleans from within the city: Inside the Bowl. We stay with them when we go to Jazz Fest (nearly every year), and we were very worried about them when the flood and hurricane hit. They evacuated successfully and their house wasn’t harmed, and they’ve […]

  • Tour de France blog

    One of the blogs I host in the Telegraph collective on the Mediajunkie server is The Philter, by Bill Cassel. Bill’s been blogging the Tour de France diligently, day by day. Just sayin’.