The Power of Many Conference?

Jeff Jarvis describes a conference that might look like The Power of Many:

I think it’s time for somebody to to split off and spawn another conference devoted to the impact of Internet technology on our lives: e, the conference.

Day 1: Media…
Day 2: Marketing…
Day 3: Politics…
Day 4: The world…
Day 5: Education…

Add in some BOF sessions on religion and such. Make technology, business models, and social implications a part of every day. Get plenty of bandwidth. Invite smart people. And, voila, you have a window on the future.

In the comments, Heiferman and Ito say they’d attend. Another commenter says, “Start it as a virtual conference/wiki and see where it goes…”.






2 responses to “The Power of Many Conference?”

  1. xian Avatar

    When I interviewed Marc Canter last weekend, he suggested I set up a wiki for this project. I’m either going to install software on my server or ask Ross Mayfield to let me use a SocialText wiki.
    We should think about turning the book into a conference at some point.
    I should probably be talking to Jarvis about this subject too. He reads Radio Free Blogistan, so he’ll probably talk to me.

  2. xian Avatar

    Now it looks like Kevin Werbach, who does the Supernova convention is talking about attaching Jarvis’s conference idea to his own, as a two-day add-on. I just emailed him about possibly discussing this book there.