The whole world is watching

Greg Palast reports a man videotaping early voters in Florida
Steve Garfield will be watching the polls and posting his findings on his video blog as he did in Massachusetts during the primaries, when he checked the compliance of campaign workers with voting regulations (150 Feet).
Jon Lebkowski points me to a new site called Video Vote vigil, a grassroots effort to document voter intimidation.
(Personally, I don’t think they should use that newly distributed video of Governor Bush horsing around as their hook. I suspect Bush’s gubernatorial “the finger” video is probably giving him a percentage point or so in swing states. It’s one of his funnier, more natural moments, and it reminds me of the old Bill Graham giving the finger photo they now display at the Fillmore.)






One response to “The whole world is watching”

  1. Len Avatar

    Whomever thought Bush’s “finger” video would hurt him with ANYONE has no understanding of human nature. I agree that it’s as natural and non-malicious as I’ve seen him.