This cover passed the dad test

The Power of Many :: Please Judge this Book by Its Cover (thank you)
Wow. I’m started to get really excited about this book. I’d better finish it! So many people still to talk to, no pun intended.

This cover impressed my father, who spent most of his career in the New York printing game and has seen several waves of graphic design styles come and go.

This is just a comp, by the way, with stock art. So it’s not final, but it’s close and I think the fonts are set.






2 responses to “This cover passed the dad test”

  1. filchyboy Avatar

    Hey i come out of days of head down work, power outages, injuries and the like and I find your cover. Great!!!

  2. kelly nolan Avatar

    Love the cover. Really very nice. Wish I could see the faces more closely but guess I’ll have to wait for the book, so hurry up, would ya. The “Many” looks Russian (or Marxist maybe?)