This was the week Bush lost the election

· long story short

At first, we went to Iraq to get the WMD. Then there were no WMD.
Then we retroactively went to Iraq to free the Iraqis and be the liberators. It was a just war.
This is the week the war officially became something to be sad and ashamed about for a much larger pool of Americans. This is the week it became Vietnam in people’s hearts.
Who can look at those pictures without having their heart break?
For the Iraqi prisoners? For their families? For the terrified Iraqi citizens seeing those pictures, fearing those pictures?
For the insane American soldiers in those pictures? For the Americans still on the ground in the middle of this mess? For their families? For our country?
And what happens to the sole remaining superpower when the rest of the world decides said superpower can’t control itself? We should all shudder to think.
For the Bush Administration, the jig is up. The polls will continue to show something like 45/46, 43/47, 48/49 for some time. But it says here (possibly delusional, I know — most likely forgetting once again how new stories come along and everything fades up till the last, I realize — but still, reporting from inside my own little vortex on how this whole sad mess looks and sounds and feels), it says here:
The race is done.
And this was the week.